how much is a headstone

The accurate cost of the headstone Birmingham depends upon its design, size, the type as well as the color of material used, artwork, finish, lettering, and some other parallel factors. Besides, different kinds of memorials Stourbridge such as bevel, flat, upright, etc. have changeable prices. The cost of the headstone Birmingham depends on the following factors:


The size of the headstone Birmingham is also a major factor in the cost of headstones as large one costs you more as compared to the small ones.


If you are looking for a range of color choices, though, you might want to think granite as it is accessible in an extensive range of colors such as grey, white, green, blue, black, red, etc. Furthermore, it is cheap when compared to the bronze.


You might also think about other materials such as limestone, sandstone, concrete, etc. As the material also affects the cost of the headstone Birmingham.

The cost of the headstone is likely to increase if you add accessories such as ceramic full-color image, sculpture, vase, etc. Moreover, don’t forget to count the cost of installation. The regular grave marker costs between $1,500 to $2,000, however several variables could affect the cost.

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